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​GK Carillon
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A gift of Japanese miso fermented food culture
I want you to enjoy misodrop every day!
We will deliver the gentle taste of plant base
What is misodrop?

For those who want to enjoy delicious miso soup,

For those who are looking for a slightly different cute gift

Plant-based misodrop using vegetable soup stock

We will deliver miso soup that you can easily enjoy.

misodrop is full of fun and health.

misodrop is particular about the miso used.

misodrop's  benefits

・ Anyway, it's easy.

Pour hot water on a busy morning and stir after 60 seconds to complete!

・ Anyway, it's delicious.

Domestic miso with plenty of umami using the old-fashioned manufacturing method!

・ Anyway, it's healthy.

Prepare the intestinal environment with the fermenting power of Jiuqu!


How to enjoy
3 steps to enjoy misodrop





Put one miso drop in a cup.

Pour hot water and wait 60 seconds.

When the miso becomes soft,

Mix well until it melts.

(Dark: 160㏄-thin 200㏄)

Complete. ​​

Very easy!

Easy miso fermented food recommended dish in 3 steps

Fermentation in Japan is often based on Jiuqu. Introducing a dish that you can easily make at home in just 3 steps, using seasonings made from fermentation such as miso, salted jiuqu, soy sauce jiuqu, vinegar, mirin, soy sauce, and sake!

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​Compare eating miso from 47 prefectures nationwide!

Miso, which represents fermented foods, is said to improve the intestinal environment and boost immunity. Misodrop hopes that many people will know about the miso that Japanese people have eaten for hundreds of years, enjoy it, and have a healthier and more enjoyable life.


The regions are dotted with small miso breweries that inherit various manufacturing methods that take advantage of the characteristics of the region. However, in recent years, an increasing number of warehouses have been forced to close due to a shortage of successors. By increasing the consumption of miso, we want to enliven the precious miso culture of Japan that has continued for centuries! That is the idea of "misodrop 47".


Jiuqu Meister has collected characteristic delicious miso from miso breweries nationwide. Please try to conquer the miso of all 47 prefectures!

​Please use it as a fashionable and delicious miso gift
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​Cute misodrop

Green laver, sesame seeds, hail, etc.

You can enjoy various flavors. Based on vegetable soup stock and authentic raw miso.Great for gifts.

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Simple misodrop

It is made from vegetable soup stock and authentic raw miso.

Please add your favorite ingredients and enjoy.

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